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frederick-hoMr. Frederick Ho Wing-huen SBS, OBE

Member of Strategic Committee, Hong Kong Ideas Centre

Honorary Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Hong Kong
Adjunct Professor, Statistics Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Former Commissioner for Census and Statistics, HKSARG

Professor Frederick Ho Wing-huen is a professional statistician, having worked in the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong for 34 years. He was the Commissioner there from 1992 until 2005, when he retired from the Civil Service. He is now an Honorary Professor of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science and an Adjunct Professor of the Statistics Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Prof. Ho was at various times President of the Hong Kong Statistical Society, Chairman of the Committee on Statistics of the Asia Pacific Region of the United Nations, Vice-President of the International Association of Official Statistics, Council Member of the International Statistical Institute and Member of the Hang Seng Index Advisory Committee. He was renowned in the international arena for his statistical expertise. During his tenure of the Commissioner position, the Census and Statistics Department actively promoted the general public’s understanding of, and confidence in, statistics and encouraged and assisted them in perceiving the public issues behind statistical data.

Currently, apart from working on occasional projects for international statistical organizations, Prof. Ho is committed to promoting the understanding and use of statistics by the general public. Apart from lecturing in local universities, he frequently gives talks locally or abroad. From April to October 2012, he hosted an one-hour weekly programme in Radio Hong Kong entitled “Statistics; Life”

Prof. Ho is also active in some other fields. He assists in the management and development of some organizations in the areas of continuing and professional education; science and technology; medical and health; public policy research; and integration of able-bodied and disabled persons. Such organizations include : St John’s College, The University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Council of Professional Associations; Caritas Institute of Higher education; Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of science and Technology; Precious Blood Hospital; Caritas Medical Centre; Hong Kong Ideas Centre; and Hong Kong PHAB Association.

Prof. Ho was awarded the OBE by the United Kingdom Government in 1993 and the Silver Bauhinia Star by the Government of the HKSAR in 2006.